together We Can Change our community

Rochester City Soccer League (RCSL) is a not-for-profit organization committed to providing opportunities for children and young adults ages 5 to 23 to have fun, make friends, and build character through soccer. With practices and games held in the heart of the City of Rochester, RCSL is a beacon of hope in a challenged area. Players of all abilities and backgrounds grow as soccer players and individuals with the support of caring coaches, exposure to diverse teammates, and connections to academic resources and employment opportunities.

Who rcsl serves

Children can get started with indoor and outdoor soccer as early as 5 years old, learning the fundamentals of the game and the values of teamwork. Through the elementary and high school years, there are always opportunities with RCSL to play year-round and access tutoring support to keep up academic performance when needed.

Young Adults can continue to grow in the sport they love through RCSL, which fills a gap in league opportunities for this age group. Players can connect with various employment opportunities through the City of Rochester, and many older players continue to participate in RCSL for years to come as referees, coaches, and volunteers.

Parents can feel good knowing that their children will be welcomed, accepted, and nurtured as individuals with RCSL. Players of all abilities receive equal attention and opportunities, and coaches focus on life skills as well as soccer skills.

Coaches and Volunteers can change young lives by giving their time and talent. For many Rochester youth, soccer is an outlet from stress and an avenue to a brighter future -- the adults who coach and lead them become mentors who play an important role in uplifting our entire community.

Year-round soccer

RCSL provide indoor and outdoor soccer opportunities throughout the year, offering a valuable supplement to school-associated play. In addition to seasonal leagues, players also benefit from clinics, workshops, pick-up games, and more.

High-caliber coaching

Our CEO Nicole Hercules is a highly respected soccer player and coach, with connection to other reputable coaches and national resources. She strikes the perfect balance of competitive and support that makes players adore soccer.


With its equipment and travel requirements, soccer can be expensive. the RCSL registration is FREE, so players of all economic backgrounds can experience the benefits of organized soccer.

team over talent

Coaches develop team players who learn to work well together, communicate effectively, and encourage one another. Cliques are not tolerated and talented players are not glorified.

help for the whole player

A better community is not built by athletes with great soccer skills but people with great character. RCSL is committed to helping players do well in school and stay on the right path, giving them structure and mentoring on the field as well as connections to after-school tutoring and employment opportunities.